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[오늘의 생활영어] get moving: 서두르다

(Jordan is watching TV when his wife Liz walks into the room …)     (조던이 TV를 보는데 아내 리즈가 들어온다…)     Liz: I thought you were getting dressed.     리즈: 난 당신이 옷을 입고 있을 줄 알았어.     Jordan: I’m sorry. I got caught up in the basketball game.     조던: 미안. 농구 경기를 보다가 미처 몰랐어.     Liz: Jordan! This is a big deal for me. Not everyone gets invited to the boss’ house.     리즈: 조던! 이거 나한테 정말 중요해. 모두 다 상사에게 초대받는 게 아니라고.     Jordan: When are we supposed to be there?     조던: 언제까지 가야 하지?     Liz: In twenty minutes!     리즈: 20분 후에!     Jordan: That’s plenty of time.     조던: 시간 충분하네.     Liz: Well get moving. I don’t want to be late.   리즈: 어서 서둘러. 늦고 싶지 않아.     Jordan: I think I’ll wear my new jeans.     조던: 난 청바지를 입을까봐.     Liz: You can’t be serious!     리즈: 농담이겠지!   Jordan: I’m just kidding. I’ll dress up for your boss.     조던: 농담이야. 당신 상사를 위해 멋지게 차려입을게.     ━   ☞기억할만한 표현     *to be or get caught up in (something): ~에 정신이 빠지다     "I'm caught up in a very good book."     (전 아주 재미있는 책 속에 푹 빠져있죠.)     *a big deal: 아주 중요한 일이다     "To some young people their twenty-first birthday is a big deal." (어떤 사람들에게 21번째 생일은 아주 큰 일이죠.)     *dress up: 정장을 입다 차려입다     "You are very handsome when you are dressed up." (당신은 정장을 입으면 정말 멋집니다.)  오늘의 생활영어 moving 아내 리즈 big deal basketball game


Hyun-Jeong Kim, CEO of SPLabs, “Making full-fledged entry into global P2E with ‘Infinity Angel’”

 “We want to find a partner we can trust and work with. Starting with the global launch of ‘INFINITY ANGEL’ in September, we will also directly target P2E (Play to Earn) game market. We plan to build an ecosystem by bringing together several projects through ‘ONE PUNK’, a launchpad that will be introduced at the end of the year.”   Singapore-based blockchain consulting and platform company SPLabs woos Korean market. The company operates SPexchange and Wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange. Various blockchain projects such as Play to Earn (P2E), Move to Earn (M2E), and Travel to Earn (T2E) are also going on.     In particular, it will try to make a full-fledged entry into P2E game market, launching 'Infinity Angel' in the global market in September. P2E games such as 'Immortal Wars' and 'Aqua Pnix' are also planned to be sequentially released. The company has already gained experience by participating in P2E projects of several partners in the Southeast Asian market. In the second half of the year, beta service of the T2E service 'AIR TNT' will be conducted following the M2E service 'Stepwatch'. It is also planning to launch the launchpad 'One Punk' at the end of this year and the metaverse 'Eureka' in the first half of next year.   Hyun-Jung Kim, CEO of SPLabs, said, “we worked as a partner in P2E projects such as 'Faraland' and 'Bemil', and enter directly into the market with 'Infinity Angel.' He added, “Following M2E ‘Step Watch’, T2E service ‘Air TNT’, Metaverse ‘Eureka’, and launchpad ‘One Punk’ are also in preparation.”   SPLabs is a blockchain company established in 2019. It is headquartered in Singapore and has a development organization in Vietnam. In South Korea, it is building a business partnership with Nettiss(CEO Ahn Hee-chan, Nettiss.com). SPLabs made a joint venture with Netis. It also signed an MOU with ItemVerse, a GameFi platform company through Nettiss, which was announced in June.     SPLabs is currently operating SPexchange, a cryptocurrency exchange. It has over 70,000 active users. The daily trading volume is said to be about 15 billion won. It started business with a focus on the Vietnamese market. It has gained experience by participating as a partner in several P2E game projects. It buckled down to operating its own project. Currently, it has a total of 70 employees including South Korea. It includes 38 Vietnamese developers and 16 people from the Singapore corporation.   CEO Kim said, “I visited Vietnam 7 years ago and was introduced to the blockchain field through an acquaintance, and also explained, “in the early days of SPLabs, we had little sales, but we received a lot of help working with local partners and we were able to achieve good results by participating in P2E projects.     The first challenger that starts its own service in the P2E game field is 'Infinity Angel', which is scheduled to be released in September. SPLabs said that is has built up its capabilities by collaborating with partners such as 'FARALAND', 'Bemil', and 'ThetanArena' in the Southeast Asian market. So, ‘Infinity Angel’ is the first P2E project directly led by SPLabs based on this.   ‘Infinity Angel’ is a real-time online battle arena game produced by Korean developer RedCube. It is designed to make money by using NFT characters. Goods can be acquired only by placing characters through the research lab function, which increases it accessibility.   SPLabs is also preparing 3D RPG 'Immortal Wars' and MMORPG 'Aqua Phoenix' as their next projects. CEO Kim introduced, “the game, ‘Infinity Angel,’ which was produced by RedCube, a domestic developer, will support NFT transactions through its own marketplace and it is planning to launch into a global market in September after it is ready for service.   SPLabs is also preparing T2E service ‘Air TNT’. This is a project that CEO Kim is preparing as the next-generation model of the M2E service, which made headlines in the first half of this year. Beta service is scheduled for the second half of the year in mobile app version, and details will be released next month. It is planned as a service that connects people and people, people and companies to share travel data, and allows all participants to generate profits. Participants are given with a mission based on travel packages and they can obtain rewards by performing them. It has signed MOUs with travel companies in Southeast Asia and is also promoting cooperation with Japanese companies.   “You can receive rewards by completing missions, but it is also possible to make and sell products yourself, or advertise your accommodations or restaurants,” and it's in a form in which a product is planned using the planner function and a reward is given when it is officially selected, said, CEO Kim.   SPLabs is also planning to introduce 'Eureka', a metaverse project that connects actual real estate and virtual space, mainly in Vietnam. It aims to release in the first half of next year in the form that includes both B2C and B2B.   CEO Kim said, “We are seeking a direction to connect the Vietnamese and Korean local governments" and "we are thinking of a form in which companies can participate and enjoy Vietnamese culture,” he added.   Despite recent concerns about the blockchain market, CEO Kim showed confidence in the business process. The response of the M2E project 'Stepwatch', which is currently in progress, is positive. The governance token ‘SWP’ of ‘Stepwatch’ is listed on exchanges such as Gate.io. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sales are about 6 million dollars. He emphasized that many external project companies are inquiring about partnerships.   “Recently, we also suffered a blow, such as a decrease in the volume of the exchange by more than half, but the cryptocurrency market was turbulent and the NFT market is infinite," and "something unexpected comes out every year because of different approaches, so it is important who understands trends first and leads the way” CEO Kim said confidently.   SPLabs presented the goal of this year to build an ecosystem by bringing together all the projects they are currently planning by releasing ‘One Punk’ at the end of the year. ‘One Punk’ is a launchpad platform that is the core of SPLabs’ business. Launchpad refers to a kind of public offering platform that provides investment opportunities to the general public by discovering new blockchain projects. SPLabs plans to include all existing service projects through ‘One Punk.’ It not only covers P2E games including ‘Infinity Angel’ and projects of SPLabs such as ‘Air TNT’ but also projects of external partners. It's strategy is to expand into an ecosystem where external partners can participate with their blockchain projects by issuing cryptocurrency that will serve as a key currency in the future. In particular, it promised to operate transparently as if it was conscious of the negative views on recent blockchain projects.   CEO Kim explained, “The strength of Launchpad is that it can absorb communities of all projects" and "if we launch a good project while forming a community by collaborating with partners, other communities will follow."   SPLabs is working with Nettiss to strengthen domestic partnerships. It is explained that the company will discover promising companies and grow together by providing SPLabs' technology and planning capabilities.   CEO Kim said, “We are just a start-up, and in South Korea, we want to make a good partner to promote SPLabs and grow together” 강동현 기자 kang_donghyun@koreadaily.cominfinity making infinity angel korean market game market


[오늘의 생활영어] I'm game; (제의를 받아들이며) 좋아

 (Jim is talking to Roger at work…)   (짐이 직장에서 라저와 이야기를 한다…)   Jim: I was thinking about going fishing next weekend. Are you up to it?   짐: 다음 주말에 낚시 갈까 생각했는데. 너도 갈래?     Roger: Sure I'm game. Let's do it.   라저: 그럼. 난 좋아. 가자고.   Jim: We'll have to get to the lake early in the morning.   짐: 아침 일찍 호수로 가야 할 거야.   Roger: Maybe I should sleep over Friday night.   라저: 금요일 밤에 너희 집에서 자야 할 것 같다.     Jim: That's a good idea. We can leave from my house because I live closer to the lake.   짐: 그거 괜찮은 생각이야. 우리 집이 호수에서 더 가까우니까 우리 집에서 출발하면 되겠네.   Roger: Okay.   라저: 좋아.   Jim: What time do you want to leave for the lake?   짐: 몇 시에 호수로 출발하고 싶어.   Roger: Well we should be at the lake no later than 6 AM.   라저: 글쎄 호수에 오전 6시까지는 도착해야 돼.   Jim: So we should leave at 5 AM.   짐: 그럼 오전 5시에는 출발해야겠네.   Roger: Okay. This is going to be fun.   라저: 좋아. 재미있겠다.   기억할만한 표현   *Are you up to it?: ~을 할래?   Are you up to seeing a movie tonight??     (오늘 밤에 영화 보러 갈래?)   *sleep over: (누구의 집에서) 자다?   I'm going to sleep over at John's house next Friday night??     (난 다음 금요일밤에잔의 집에서 잘 거야?)   *no later than (a specific time):   (1) 어느 시간보다 (2) 어느 날짜보다 늦지않게?   (1) You have to be home no later than 11:00?(11시까지는 집에 들어와야해)     (2) I need that report on my desk no later than Monday.     (월요일까지는 내 책상에 보고서 갖다 놔야해)   California International University www.ciula.edu (213)381-3710오늘의 생활영어 game 제의 갈래 roger movie tonight roger at


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